Friday, August 24, 2012

Tool 7

a.  In new school year, I would like to use Skype to connect my biology lesson with students.  "Content objective will be "Functions of Cell Organelles". 

b.  September; begin introduce cell organelles and their functions and give the assignment after the lecture and lab.

c. Long class period for Skype interview - 20 minutes for basic list of questions, 20 minutes for description of a real project, 20 minutes for additional questions from either side, etc.

d. Organelles that can be found both plants and animals or only animals or only plants (Choose any one).  Give description of the organelles.  Mention the function of organelles.  It would be beneficial to each student, and then talk to college students (freshman, soph., junior, senior) the structure and functions of their project by students.

e.)  Hardware available for this year is not yet settled. (Library, in class, lab, etc., classroom computers)

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